Get Physical With Your Video iPod?

I know it sounds a little suss, but a company called PumpPod has released a quite ingenious little way of doing your fitness and workout sessions while on the move, with your Video iPod. Here is a little blurb from the PumpPod website:

Most PumpPod Trainers are 4-6 week training programs with 1-3 different workouts each. Trainers range in price from $19-$29 and can be purchased in bundles at a promotional rate from $29-$49. Compare this with the cost of a certified trainer at $55-$75 per hour for a week, month, or year. It's a nobrainierr. PumpPod is portable, affordable and doable.

I think it is pretty bloody ingenious! I wish I had come up with something similar over at my fitness site. Sure I've done some video podcasts, but this really takes your fitness to the next level. The Video iPod has just gotten a whole lot physical! I would not mind trying the new service, being a fitness instructor and all. PumpPod would be especially good tutilizese at your next 1 hour session during the lunch rush hour at work.


Blogger Robert Parr said...

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Blogger ipodlover said...

Great new invention from Apple. Great information! Definatly will put tihs one on my christmas list!

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6:02 am  
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