My Video iPod Movie Hit List & Album Review!

Here are my weekly reviews, and upcoming movie viewing pipeline (I know, very business-like)

Currently Watching

Batman Begins:
Christian Bale, Dawson Creek Chick with Tom Cruises baby, Mr. Freeman (very cool dude), Ruetger Hauer (I loved Blind Justice), that crazy dude that played Dracula, and Liam Neeson. Very cool movie, saw it on the big screen. Viewing quality was fantastic on the Video iPod. Sound was phenomenal! Saw Batman Begins on the big screen and was not let down. Christian Bale does a fantastic job of portraying the caped crusader. The big draw card for me was that Batman Begins somewhat resembled the vibe of Frank Miller's take on Bruce Wayne's life and his journey to becoming the dark knight.


  • Kingdom of Heaven: Should be interesting to see such an epic on the Video iPod's small screen. Saw it on the big screen, Orlando Bloom was acceptable, and I dug the chick he was messing with! Ridley Scott's cinematography is as always awesome, and the battle scenes are brilliantly choreographed. Just downloaded and will report back.
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin: Mum is wiping her brow, and thanking heavens she got me out of the house, because I certainly would not like to be 40 years of age and a virgin. That funny dude from the American version of The Office whom also starred in Bruce Almighty, should be good to watch. Also just downloaded will see how it goes down.
Overall, there was nothing that really got my attention on the charts but I am digging Kanye West's Late registration! Very cool.


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