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Get Physical With Your Video iPod?

I know it sounds a little suss, but a company called PumpPod has released a quite ingenious little way of doing your fitness and workout sessions while on the move, with your Video iPod. Here is a little blurb from the PumpPod website:

Most PumpPod Trainers are 4-6 week training programs with 1-3 different workouts each. Trainers range in price from $19-$29 and can be purchased in bundles at a promotional rate from $29-$49. Compare this with the cost of a certified trainer at $55-$75 per hour for a week, month, or year. It's a nobrainierr. PumpPod is portable, affordable and doable.

I think it is pretty bloody ingenious! I wish I had come up with something similar over at my fitness site. Sure I've done some video podcasts, but this really takes your fitness to the next level. The Video iPod has just gotten a whole lot physical! I would not mind trying the new service, being a fitness instructor and all. PumpPod would be especially good tutilizese at your next 1 hour session during the lunch rush hour at work.


Watching Video From You Video Ipod On Your Home TV

Uwe Hermann recently guided the iPod family to a great little article on using a standard A/V to RCA cable to watch all your favorite movies at home. MacDevCenter shows you how. Can't wait to see what the quality will be like on my LCD TV. Great guide btw!

Wikipedia Talks Video iPod

iPodTalk.com has a good listing of cool iPod news and links. One of which linked to the Wikipedia site that talks about the whole generation of iPod's ever created. Pretty cool overviews. Take a look at the iPod la familia!

4 Things You Wish Your Video iPod Could Do?

1. Talk to me, like Kit in Knight Rider (I know, i'm sick!)

2. Stop wasting so much battery when i'm watching a movie.

3. Stop turning heads on the bus when I play it, because people think it's so cool! We don't need the attention.

4. Stop having so many finger prints on it, if I rub it clean anymore a genie might pop out.

Any other suggestions, to add to the list?


Vlog For Your Video iPod

Video Blogging = Vlogging. It aint really anything new. I actually read about it in a Corey Rudl course. Most blogs now have the ability to utilize vlogs within their settings. One website that I am a member of is www.audioblog.com. This is a cool site, as it allows you to add video to your blog posts. Vlogging really gives bloggers the chance to open up their dialogue to a whole new market. As sales of the Video iPod grow, expect to see Vlogging grow. MacNN blog discusses the new trend in Vlogging, and Trigger was another site where I heard about Vlogging a few months back.


Burn Full DVD's For Your Video iPod

There are many options for you to encode your DVD's onto your Video iPod. One site that can help you convert your existing movies, with detailed guides is www.vcdquality.com. But the question is whether there is an easy-to-use software that can convert, full DVD quickly and easily...Who needs all the detailed guides right! Well I just stumbled across XCopy 9 which has developed XCopyPod that can convert all your DVD movies to your Video iPod, no hassles, no fuss!

With Xcopy Pod you get:

  • Support for up to 150 hours of video
  • Backup your favorite DVD's onto your Video iPod
  • Multi channel audio format support (5.1, DTS etc...)
  • Great service and support 24 hours a day with free online patches
All of the above powerful features for a power packed $19.99. That's like the cost of a movie ticket right? Get smart and buy XCopyPod today...Thus ends my sales spiel, hope you enjoy.

Video iPod More Bang For Your Buck Than The iPod Nano.

Ted Landau of the Mac Observer has pointed to the benefits of the Video iPod as compared to the iPod Nano. Interesting read. I still have not utilized the Video iPod to its full potential. Will begin downloading TV shows and more music in another few weeks. I agree with Ted, why go for the Nano stand alone, when you can get full video and even connect it to your LCD TV at home and watch your downloaded movie on the big screen. Now that is versatility, for about $50 extra!


My Video iPod Movie Hit List & Album Review!

Here are my weekly reviews, and upcoming movie viewing pipeline (I know, very business-like)

Currently Watching

Batman Begins:
Christian Bale, Dawson Creek Chick with Tom Cruises baby, Mr. Freeman (very cool dude), Ruetger Hauer (I loved Blind Justice), that crazy dude that played Dracula, and Liam Neeson. Very cool movie, saw it on the big screen. Viewing quality was fantastic on the Video iPod. Sound was phenomenal! Saw Batman Begins on the big screen and was not let down. Christian Bale does a fantastic job of portraying the caped crusader. The big draw card for me was that Batman Begins somewhat resembled the vibe of Frank Miller's take on Bruce Wayne's life and his journey to becoming the dark knight.


  • Kingdom of Heaven: Should be interesting to see such an epic on the Video iPod's small screen. Saw it on the big screen, Orlando Bloom was acceptable, and I dug the chick he was messing with! Ridley Scott's cinematography is as always awesome, and the battle scenes are brilliantly choreographed. Just downloaded and will report back.
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin: Mum is wiping her brow, and thanking heavens she got me out of the house, because I certainly would not like to be 40 years of age and a virgin. That funny dude from the American version of The Office whom also starred in Bruce Almighty, should be good to watch. Also just downloaded will see how it goes down.
Overall, there was nothing that really got my attention on the charts but I am digging Kanye West's Late registration! Very cool.

Video iPod Competitor's Can't Win On Price

Bring it on! Apple Insider Reports that Creative Zen Vision, Samsung and iRiver can;t compete on price compared to that offered by the Video iPod. The Creative Zen Vision is $30 more expensive than the sexy Video iPod. Creative Zen Vision's user interface and its WOW factor does not ring any alarm bells supposedly? Time will tell if it is a real competitor to the Video iPod.


Converting Video On My Video Ipod

Downloaded Batman Begins. The guy who sold the Mrs the Video iPod said that to convert .avi and such on my Video iPod, I need PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter. I have been encoding video for next to a millennia, and the little program seemed to be a quick bet for video viewing success. Alas, it looks like they will be getting the program back, because it does not work. Googling, as you do, I stumbled across a freeware product called Videora and am currently encoding my newly downloaded video. Will see how this little program fares and report back promptly on how we get along with Videora?

Video iPod Smooth As My Baby's Behind!

I know, I'm sick! But ain't it just sooo cool! I decided to get a little artistic with my new little friend, say hello. My new shiny black Video iPod just looks fantastic next to some Johnson's & Johnson's baby oil. Very smooth!

Video iPod, Shinier Than Tinsel On a Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. Nice Song. Yesterday Christmas came early, with a shiny sleek black design. Got to thank the Mrs! Having thought about purchasing the new Apple Video iPod and shopping around religiously, my lady decided to surprise me early. It's the Video iPod 30 gig model, and I feel ecstatic about the gift.

The tree seems a little crooked in the pic also. Bad photography! Apart from the Mrs and the little ones photos, this pic may just be the next pic I place onto my shiny new video iPod!