Burn Full DVD's For Your Video iPod

There are many options for you to encode your DVD's onto your Video iPod. One site that can help you convert your existing movies, with detailed guides is www.vcdquality.com. But the question is whether there is an easy-to-use software that can convert, full DVD quickly and easily...Who needs all the detailed guides right! Well I just stumbled across XCopy 9 which has developed XCopyPod that can convert all your DVD movies to your Video iPod, no hassles, no fuss!

With Xcopy Pod you get:

  • Support for up to 150 hours of video
  • Backup your favorite DVD's onto your Video iPod
  • Multi channel audio format support (5.1, DTS etc...)
  • Great service and support 24 hours a day with free online patches
All of the above powerful features for a power packed $19.99. That's like the cost of a movie ticket right? Get smart and buy XCopyPod today...Thus ends my sales spiel, hope you enjoy.


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